Terms of Services

Terms of Services

Agreeing to Terms

By using this site, you’re agreeing to our terms. If you don’t agree, please don’t use the site.


  • Content: Everything you see or hear on the site.
  • User: Anyone who visits the site.
  • We/Us: The company that runs the site.

Your Account

If you make an account, keep your login secret and tell us if someone else uses it.

  • How You Should Behave on the Site
  • Be lawful and don’t misuse the site.
  • Don’t post bad stuff or pretend to be someone else.
  • Don’t spread viruses or spam.
  • Don’t mess up the site or bother other users.

About the Content

We’re sharing information, but we can’t promise it’s always right. Check the facts yourself.

We can change or remove content if we need to.

Owning Content

The content is ours or our users’. Don’t copy or use it without permission.

Other Websites

We might link to other sites, but we’re not responsible for them.

No Promises

We offer the site “as is” and can’t guarantee it will be perfect or always available.

Limiting Our Responsibility

We’re not responsible for any problems or losses you have from using the site.

You Protect Us

If your use of the site causes issues, you’ll need to cover for us.

Law That Applies

The laws of the state where we’re located will govern these terms.

If Parts Don’t Apply

If any part of these terms doesn’t hold up, the rest still does.

The Full Agreement

These terms are the full deal between you and us about the site.

Changes to Terms

We might change the terms, so check them regularly. Using the site after changes means you agree to them.


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